Our Story

Shorehouse was founded on the idea of providing a complete end-to-end service for clients seeking a new build for both the Residential & Commercial market. 

Shorehouse was established by its Director after over a decade within the high-rise residential & commercial market and understanding what is missing in this growing market – a company that can provide a complete solution for its clients wants and needs with a wealth of experience and a tailored approach to each individual.

With a significant and growing client base in Central, South and North Sydney, we’re redefining what client-centered Design + Construction looks like. By partnering with our clients from the start to the end of the design and build process, we bring commercial and residential spaces to life.

We thrive on turning bold visions into incredible buildings and premises by immersing ourselves in your journey throughout the entire project lifecycle, from idea to handover and every step in between.



Rashid Elesh

Construction Director
B.Construction Management
NSW Registered Builder & Building Practitioner (Class 2)

Meet our dedicated Construction Manager, Rashid. With a passion for turning architectural design into reality, Rashid leads our construction projects with unwavering expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Drawing upon years of experience in the construction industry including managing a construction high rise portfolio of $300M +, he is the driving force behind every successful project we undertake. Rashid ensures that all aspects of our construction endeavors are executed seamlessly, from coordinating schedules and budgets to overseeing on-site teams and ensuring safety compliance. With his exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills, he guarantees that our projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality. We’re proud to have Rashid at the helm, guiding our construction projects towards success.

Omar Roumieh

Project Manager
B. Construction Management
NSW Registered Contractor

Omar joined our team in 2021 as a Project Manager with experience across commercial, health care, public and residential sectors. Omar is involved in all aspect of design and construction of projects, as well as management and delivery, with a special focus on Mechanical and Electrical services.

His attention to detail is what makes Omar a perfect fit to drive our projects to a level of quality that all our Clients can appreciate and enjoy.

Angela Prados

Design Director
Diploma Interior Design

Angela joined Shorehouse Projects to lead our Design Division for both Architectural and Interior Design for Residential and Commercial Projects. Her experience spans across both Spain & Germany as a registered Architect in which she was the Lead Design Architect.

Having honed their skills through years of education and practical experience, Angela possesses a deep understanding of architectural principles, allowing them to transform visions into tangible, awe-inspiring structures. Whether it’s crafting sustainable designs, managing complex projects, or incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Angela consistently delivers solutions that exceed expectations.

Emmanuel Solomovic

Contracts Administrator
B.Arch, M.Arch & Urban Design
NSW Registered Architect No. 7154

Emanuel is a registered architect in the NSW Architects Registration Board and NSW Government Fair Trading as a Design Practitioner. His flourishing career began in Los Angeles, California where he graduated from UCLA with Masters Degrees in Architecture and Urban Design.

Emanuel has been involved in largescale developments Internationally, including Saudi Arabia, Macau China, Dubai UAE, Philippines and locally Sydney and North Tropical QLD.

His experience has equipped him with specific sector delivery knowledge as well as understanding in effective design management principles such as; Value Engineering (minimizing cost and increasing efficiency through designing simple details with a maximum of efficiency), Implementation of modular design and use of design management for quality controls and consistency of design outcomes.

Rosemary Estephan

B.Arch, B.Project Management

Rosemary joins Shorehouse’s ever-growing Design & Construction team and manages projects across both the residential and commercial sector. Her expertise in both architectural and interior design has been pivotal for the business to further deliver on luxury and amazing designs. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for innovative design, and a profound understanding of project management, Rosemary brings a unique blend of expertise to every project. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to creating spaces that inspire and captivate are evident in the exceptional work they produce.

Maria Garcia

Contracts Administrator
Diploma of Planning & Project Management

Maria brings a strong educational foundation in project management and a wealth of practical experience to our team. With a degree in project management, she is dedicated to ensuring that every project undertaken is executed with precision and excellence. Her role is to oversee resource allocation, timelines, and budgets, all while fostering collaboration among our skilled professionals.